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22 July
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Here's the bad stuff:

I'm selfish, manipulative, sometimes naiive, other times I knew too much too young, I'm always looking for something better, I leave people behind, I'm chronically depressed, extremely moody, totally weird when hyper,narcissistic, envious,overtly sensitive, weak, none too good looking, clingy, obsessive, shallow, talk too much, indecisive, either incredibly annoying or boring, cheap yet I spend alot, hurtful, inconsiderate, incomprehensible, needy, a horrible cook, a daydreamer, arrogant, slightly egotistical, maybe homicidal, lazy, easily bruised, nagging, unforgiving, forgetful, psychologically slutty, and a whole mess of other crap you really just don't wanna get into.

Here's the good stuff:
I write good poetry, I try...sometimes, I actually do manage to sound smart or witty sometimes, I'm glue, original, always up for new stuff, an ok actress and a passable singer, usually creative, occassionally a good artist, friendly, normally outgoing, handle bad situations well, and appreciate pretty things.

Moulin Rouge is all you need is love!

Whee! I love these things.

Ryden art is creepy love

Dead Like Me is love!

awesome show...watch it if you haven't!

Screw Marriage! Pocky is Love.

Pocky rocks the face off all things!